Kenton High School Music

52nd Annual Kenton Top Twenty Cabaret

The end of the 2019-2020 school year was unlike anything we have ever experienced. All across our town, state, and country, unprecedented challenges arose. For our show choir program, one of those challenges was the task of putting together our annual Cabaret.

This 52nd installment of Cabaret is different than all the others before it. While most were recorded in some fashion, never has the production been put together like this. We did vocal and performance coaching over Google Meet, and standing in driveways. Each special act came in to record by themselves, and microphones, instruments, and other areas were sanitized between each performance. Students recorded Time For Movin’ On from home, and submitted their tracks for our virtual choir. Hours upon hours were spent by the best in the business, Kolt Buchenroth, to ensure that the production was professional, and memorable for all.

We are proud to present our Cabaret for your enjoyment. The link is posted below, and is free to view. Cabaret is always our largest fundraiser of the year; it helps de-fray many costs associated with running a competitive show choir program, and it allows us to keep the tuition for being in the group as affordable as we can. If you feel compelled to give at all to help us raise some of the monies we were not able to collect due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we would be so incredibly appreciative. Donations may also be mailed to: Kenton High School c/o Kenton Top Twenty, 200 Harding Ave Kenton, OH 43326 Checks may be made out to Kenton High School.

And now, sit back and enjoy the 52nd annual Kenton High School Cabaret!