đź“° Restart & Reopening Press Release

On July 13, 2020, the Hardin County Schools, Midwest Regional Educational Service Center, Ohio Hi-Point Career Center, and the Hardin County Board of DD, met with the Hardin County Health Department to create a reopening plan for school districts.  This document highlights what the Kenton City Schools will be doing to keep our students and staff safe.  This document serves an overview of the safety protocols and guidelines, not an all-encompassing document.  More information regarding Restart and Reopen plans will be provided on our Kenton City Schools website.  The county plan and aligned documents will be approved at our July Board of Education Meeting.

  • The first day of school for students will be Wednesday, August 19, 2020.
  • Families will have the choice between sending their children to school based instruction or keeping their children at home to continue online instruction for the 2020-2021 school year.  Details regarding both options are available in the Two Pathways to Education document on the Kenton City Schools website.  
  • Parents who send their children to school understand there is some level of risk for students who attend school in person, however, the school district will implement all safety protocols in the Hardin County Schools Reopening Agreement and aligned supporting documents.  These documents are fluid and will change based on the best evidence-based information provided by the Ohio Department of Health and the Ohio Department of Education.
  • FinalForms must be completed for all families whether you are doing face-to-face instruction or online  instruction.
  • Families will need to state their intent to have online instruction for the 2020-2021 school year by completing the intent form found on the district website by August 1, 2020. If families plan to attend face-to-face you do not need to complete this form.
  • All staff members will be wearing face coverings.  The type of face covering (mask, shield, etc.) will be based upon the designated work area, type of work, and instructional needs of students.  Face coverings will be provided to any staff member upon request.
  • Face coverings are strongly recommended for all students; however, this will be a parental decision.  Face coverings will be provided to any student upon request.
  • All staff and students should do a health self-assessment prior to leaving for school.  If the person is experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms, they should follow their school district’s sick leave and absence policies and not report to the school building.
  • Staff will be trained in what to look for when it comes to symptoms of COVID-19 and there will be a medically trained person at each building to support wellness during the school day.
  • Each building will have a separate, designated area for students who exhibit COVID-19 symptoms during the school day. Parents/guardians will be notified and students must be picked up from school as soon as possible.  Students will be cared for by a trained medical person following the appropriate safety protocols and wearing the appropriate PPE.
  • Although visitors to the building during the pandemic will be discouraged, any person needing access to a building should make an appointment.  Visitors will be required to follow the safety protocols and wear a face covering. Face coverings will be provided to any visitor upon request.
  • Students and Staff will be encouraged to practice frequent handwashing protocols throughout the day and hand sanitizer will be provided in high traffic areas, including but not limited to entrances to the building, classrooms, cafeteria, and gymnasium.
  • Signs, posters, and other methods to reinforce the importance of frequent hand washing and sanitizing and physical distancing protocols will be posted throughout each school building.
  • Some of the water fountains in each building will be converted to water bottle filling stations.  Students and staff are encouraged to bring a water bottle or a bottle of water to school everyday.  The district will provide one water bottle to any student or staff member who needs one.  
  • The school district has developed cleaning protocols for each building paying close attention to high traffic, high touch areas, entrances and exits, classrooms and bathrooms.
  • Large gatherings of students, such as the beginning and end of the school day, and transitions during the school day will be kept to a minimum with all student areas being disinfected between transitions.
  • We ask students not to share supplies unless it is completely necessary.  Shared supplies will be disinfected between student use.
  • Every attempt will be made to assign each student a Chromebook and  cleaning protocols will be taught to students.  Chromebooks should be sanitized between each use.
  • Students will have assigned seats in the classroom, cafeteria, and bus.
  • School busing will be provided; however, families must understand that there exists some inherent risk for students that choose to ride the bus.  Families are encouraged to transport their bus riding children to and from school whenever possible.
  • Buses will be disinfected according to the safety protocols after the completion of each bus route.
  • We will provide breakfast and lunches to our students.  Logistics will be determined by each school building to ensure that we are in compliance with all safety protocols.
  • Students must wash and/or sanitize their hands prior to recess.  Playgrounds will be sanitized between classes and the appropriate safety protocols will be followed.
  • School parties and classroom field trips will be strongly discouraged during the pandemic.  School parties and classroom field trips should be held virtually whenever possible.

We continue to meet and revise our plans as more information and guidance becomes available.  Our goal was to send out the current information we have in order to answer many of our school family’s concerns.  We will continue to provide the highest quality, safest, education we can afford for our entire school community.