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Kenton City Schools Planning for the Future

Kenton City Schools has announced its intention to move forward with the opportunity to build a new 7-12 facility on the schools’ campus located on Silver Street. This will complete the building project that began with the construction of the Kenton Elementary School and will continue to honor the tradition of providing a full spectrum of excellent services for all students in the district. 

The Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (OFCC) has agreed to co-fund the cost of the project and the bond issue will be presented to voters on November 2, 2021.

An executive committee has been formed to promote the levy and has been meeting regularly in order to prepare the community for the upcoming issue. The committee will be working to promote the levy and inform the community at area events. Speakers are available for civic organizations, card clubs, businesses, church groups or any other community groups. The committee will gladly speak to any group of voters who are interested in learning more about this important topic for the future of our children, grandchildren and community. Please contact

Superintendent Chad Thrush at (419) 673-0775 to arrange for a speaker.

The new building will be constructed with the intent of serving our community’s children for as long as, or longer, than our current middle school and high school buildings. Benefits to the community include having all students located on one campus with modern, effective learning environments for all grade levels. The committee is asking voters to consider helping with this building project in order to promote spirit and pride, as Kenton City Schools unite in an effort to continue the excellent tradition of education in our schools for all our children.

Specific details of the building project will be released as they become available. In the meantime, for further information, please visit the levy website at