Kenton Middle School

KMS Students mentor peers in writing

Kenton Middle School students have worked together to develop the Writing Lab, a place where students tutor peers in writing. When it comes to teaching writing, many students need help with finding textual evidence, organizing ideas, and editing their work. Some just need to talk through ideas. Mrs. Hull pitched the idea of a writing lab to students, emphasizing that anyone interested in tutoring would need to apply by submitting a past essay. Eleven tutors stepped up to the plate and helped develop a list of expectations for themselves and peers seeking help. The most important part? Making peers feel welcome and NOT making them feel dumb. 90% of Mrs. Hull’s students report needing help with writing. Currently, about 76% of students say that as long as the tutor on duty is trustworthy, respectful and helpful, they may feel comfortable attending the writing lab. Many tutors are in National Junior Honor Society and are counting their tutoring time toward community service hours.

Picture from front left: Wade Manns, Kylee Kavanagh, Hadley Wilson, Geneva Norris, and Andrea Escobar. Back left: Maddux McFarlin, Jamison Clark, Kaylee Barlow & Amanda VanHorn. Not pictured is Kayla Lambert.