Updated KCS Re-opening Agreement

Press Release October 15, 2020: Changes to the Hardin County ReOpening Agreement

Over the past few weeks, the Kenton City Schools have been discussing changes with our health department regarding the Hardin County ReOpening Agreement. Superintendents from across the county met on Tuesday morning and submitted a revised plan. This plan was approved by the Hardin County Health Department. You can access the revised plan on our district website.

In the updated plan we have removed the color system from dictating the
instructional model (five days a week in person, hybrid, or remote learning plan) for our district. Instead we will use a local decision process based on information provided by the Kenton-Hardin Health Department, current district data, and other health-related guidance/mandates.

What this means is if our county is red, we would not have to follow a
remote or hybrid plan for the following week. We will make decisions for
the Kenton City Schools based on our current situation and communicate
the plan to all members of our school community, just like we do for all
calamity days.

Our biggest concern with the old plan was that our instructional model
during the pandemic was based on the public health color system. If you
have watched any of the recent press conferences, you know the accuracy
of this information is being questioned. We believe it is because the data
is always behind. When we meet with the health department they give us
up-to-date information and what we need to do, if anything, based on
that data.

Our goal has always been to have our kids in school every day except when
there is a significant health risk. If the data we look at today or in the
future justifies a change in the instructional model we will do it; however,
the color of the county will no longer be the single factor dictating what
instructional model we use.

If you have any questions, please contact your school building administrators or the district office.