Kenton High School Where are they now?

Where Are They Now? Lynn Mentzer

Name: Lynn Mentzer.

Where Are They Now: Director of Football Operations at Missouri State University

KHS Class of:  2000

Parents name(s):  Joe & Sandy Prater, Roy & Bonnie Mentzer

Activities involved in at KHS: Basketball, Track, Band, National Honor Society

Higher Education: Coastal Carolina University, Bachelor’s of Science in Business Management

Job Description: Organize all football team travel for players, staff, administration and guests including home and away accommodations, meals, ground and air transportation.  Schedule meetings and banquet events.  Travel with the team to prevent and resolve any unexpected issues.  Manage the general football operating budget.  Manage daily, weekly, and monthly schedules for head coach, assistant coaches, support staff and players.  Act as a liaison between coaches and Academic, Compliance, Business and Athletic Department offices and as a liaison between coaches/administration and football student-athletes.  Manage online NCAA Compliance paperwork concerning roster and time management.  Organize all recruiting visits.  Run all social media accounts.  Team photographer.

Why do you do what you do? I love my job for all the obvious reasons like being a part of a team, traveling, being on the sidelines during games.  But mostly I love my job for the impact I have on my kids, watching them grow and become successful, being able to support and encourage them, help them along the way even after they have graduated.  My football players become my family.  They are like my children and the best part of what I do is being able to cultivate relationships with them that last long after their playing days are over.

Words of Wisdom: Never compare your journey to someone else’s.  You may not follow the same path.  It may take you longer to get where you want to be.  You may have a tougher time than others seem to have.  But the journey is yours alone and it makes you who you are.