District Kenton Elementary School

KES Club Welcomes New Staff

Shown is new fourth grade teacher Miss Elizabeth Stein, along with students Malius Glasco, Aliah Mercer, Brooklyn Burris, Raylee LaWarre, and Mia Madison.

Kenton Elementary School new staff members were presented with items that were specially designed to welcome them to Kenton Elementary School. Student members of the 2021-2022 Crafts with Care Club created Kenton Wildcat magnets and designed special welcoming posters for the new staff members. The Crafts with Care Club consists of third and fourth-grade students who enjoy creating crafts for fun and also to share with others to help brighten their day. A portion of club materials was provided through a grant with funding from the Hardin County Community Foundation. On the first day of school, fourth grade club members distributed the welcome materials.